Investment Opportunities


CuraPal® is a Patent Pending connected wearable platform reducing elderly falls discovery time from hours to minutes.

Raising: £255,000 Valuation: £765,000


The most actionable exchange to trade patents, designs, plants and copy.

Raising: £175,000 Valuation: £1,499,641


Kashing! empowers micro-merchants to accept digital payments now, however their customers want to pay.

Raising: £250,000 Valuation: £1,905,172

Designed in Colour

Re-inventing the British Colour Standard© for the 21st century home

Raising: £150,000 Valuation: £850,000

Channel Fight

Channel Fight is a cross device video on demand platform for the discovery and enjoyment of the best martial arts movies from arou...

Raising: £580,000 Valuation: £1,177,576

The Business Cafe

A network of suburban coffee shops for business people, offering free membership, community and support.

Raising: £300,000 Valuation: £1,669,796