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4Rad deliver innovative, practical and robust solutions to the Energy Sectors. Helping to reduce costs, risks and minimise environ...

Raising: £150,000 Valuation: £1,350,000

Tuk In Foods

Tuk In is an exciting new Indian fast food concept which offers customers delicious curries combined with succulent pilau rice wra...

Raising: £220,000 Valuation: £1,100,528


MyFutureNow is here to help you save money by unifying your multiple pension pots into 1 low-cost digital pension account.

Raising: £400,000 Valuation: £2,100,000

Startup Funds

SFC Angel Fund

Invest alongside experts in the best companies coming through the Startup Funding Club.

Epicure Food & Drink Fund

The Epicure SEIS Fund aims to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of companies across the food, drink and hospitality.